Saturday, January 15, 2005

Pen and Page (Ongoing) part 2

The horror. I received four responses today. FOUR. What are the odds of that? Probably almost as high as the odds on all of them being explanations of ceased publication. Which is what they were. All four of them are out of business, or no longer accepting. The idea of my making a dropbox for publications that have gone under is gaining momentum.

Also, I received an email from England today, stating that I hadn't enclosed an IRC with my submission. After going through my records, I was sure I'd enclosed one. I went to my postage drawer and pulled out the last IRC I had and examined it. Shit no. It wasn't an IRC. It was a little IRC lookalike, and actually some kind of postage receipt for response-driven mail. I'm pissed at my post office. I sent out quite a few submissions overseas. Now, not only am I an idiot locally (for believing my post office when they told me these were IRCs), but globally. Well, all I can really do at this point is apologize. Sorry England. Sorry Japan. Sorry Finland. Sorry Greece. And sorry Canada, too. Maybe I'll send any email rejections or angry responses from this overseas dilemma to the postmaster of my local post office as thanks.

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