Friday, September 16, 2005

Pen and Page (ongoing) part 4

I've been in a bit of a slump of late. September is a big month for magazines. A vast portion of them begin reading and usually end their reading period in November or December, though many go through to April or March. I've been waiting on quite a few submissions to magazines I like, but haven't heard much.

My slump did end today, technically, via a nice acceptance of one of my poems at Aesthetica, out of York, England. Should be out in October 2005.

I recently finished up another collection I'd been working on and I started a new children's project. A collection of strange little tales and poems I think kids would like. At least my kid, because I'll force him so I don't feel like a failure... kidding, nobody call Child Services, okay?

The Gallant Flea, from my last children's collection.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Home and Hearth (ongoing) part 3

I said I was going to post this image of the new house some time ago, but I just neglected to do it because I am slovenly and didn't care to bother finding my digital camera's charger. I might add that my underwear was also missing, but luckily we found it all in the same box (I don't know what form of packing we were up to) after a few months. So, I uploaded some pictures, changed my underwear, and here you go:

I keep the bodies and pornography in the attic, but all the related tools under the floorboards.

The inside isn't quite as... eh, finished-looking. Also, I finally managed to sort through our material debris and began the makeshift music room. To commemorate this pointless endeavor, my brother badgered me into posing for this shot:

Though the left-hand pinky was Photoshopped in.

It's art because its black and white. Note the hairline. And with those eyebrows, I look like one of those boisterous, angry eagles from the Muppet Show. I like how obvious it is that I'm playing absolutely nothing with my left hand. This image should go into a FOX TV file for some upcoming 'When Dumbasses Attack' special. Also, you'll notice, is my pet project arcade machine I've been working on for some time now, just behind me in the BG. I've held onto this machine longer than any of my past relationships. I got pissed because the original game wouldn't function and so turned the unit into a DVD player, then got bored looking down at it, and constructed an Atari box out of it. Couple dozen classic games. If I get bored with it again (probable), I'll wire it into a freezer or some other useless thing, so long as it's gadgety, proving that I am a man with tools that can maintain long relationships. Also receding hairline.