Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Assignment: Introduction

Here's another assignment from the start of last term.  I'd forgotten about this until recently.  This was for a class I decided to take online, as the physical class had odd hours that simply didn't fit with the rest of my school schedule.  It was a mandatory health class.  The assignment, given on day one, was to log into a discussion forum and introduce yourself to the rest of the students in the class.  SOCC is the small college I've been attending in Coos Bay, Oregon, and in case you weren't aware of it, I use a pseudonym.  Here was the introduction I submitted.


Class Introduction - Oh, Hi There

Hi, I'm Robin.  I was born a misfigured, hermaphroditic dalmatian, but due to the vast improvements in medical prosthetics and facial reconstruction, I am now a bona fide person.  My snout was re-constructed and tapered back in 2008, and I no longer speak dog, of course, as SOCC is ill-equipped to handle my native tongue.  I have progressed with English somewhat, and now find it comes quite naturally.  In fact, I'm pursuing a teaching degree in the subject.  

After the removal of my tail, I was quite sore and had a difficult time adjusting to walking without it (our tails help with balance, something you humans can manage with free upper limbs, which I don't have, yet).  Things have come along well for me, and I am now able to take part in courses and have even (as you may have noticed) learned to type.  While my paws have yet to be removed, a special keyboard will allow me to take part in discussions online and perform the coursework required of me.

I live in Coos Bay, and I decided to take this course for the same reason you did (though my interest in the human form is more pronounced, as I'm well on my way to having one... a few more major surgeries in Amsterdam to go).  

Did you know that humans are the only mammals that can't breathe while they drink?  I know that because I'm a dog and I can drink from a bowl while breathing all I want and I've seen you humans choke while trying to do that.  It's a trip.  Also, I will not tolerate intolerance regarding my canine ethnicity, nor the customs of my race (my breath often carries the scent of Alpo, and yes, we bathe with our tongues- deal with it). 

It is wondrous to meet all of you, or as we say in my native language, affrarrurrar yip.  Had I a tail, I'd be wagging it.  Seriously.  You're all great.

I've attached one of my baby pictures, if you're curious.



Not graded, but caused most of the students in the class to reply, at least.

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