Wednesday, February 02, 2011


This is an image I put together and submitted to a Cracked Photoplasty contest. The constraint/theme was "If Everything was Designed by 5-Year Olds." I centered mine around what it might look like if a five-year old designed the site Youporn. What would it look like, if the focus was no longer on what adults think is naughty, but on things a child might consider naughty. You know, like eating too many cookies, or hearing dad say a bad word.  Playground cams. Silly stuff, really. I figured you'd end up with a much more innocent and friendly site, of course, catered to kid interests, rather than adult interests, but while still keeping the weird porn 'vibe' that sites like Youporn give off.

Submitted it.  Didn't win.  Didn't place.  The image wasn't even chosen to see the public.  Oh well.  I have nowhere else to put it, so I'm posting it here for anyone bored.  Clicking the image should bring up a larger size.

Because there's nothing wrong with mentioning porn and children in the same joke, right?

The results of the contest can be found here, if you're in the mood for more of this sort of thing:

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oregoncoastgirl said...

Have you ever spent anytime on FARK with their Photoshop contests? They're funny!