Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I Do Things. You Do Things. Let's Do More Things.

There have been few posts here the past year or so, which is good.  This means I've been busy.  I thought I'd give an update.

I've gone back to school, aiming for the MFA and teaching credentials.  I've gone through two terms this year.  I'm headed for English.  Literature.  Creative Writing.  Teaching them.  Any and all would be wondrous.  I put in two college years in my youth, and those still count, so I'm starting out in my third year, for the most part.  While I have always been somewhat of a D student, I'm surprised to note that I've made the honor roll this time around.  Two terms now.  I suppose I can officially start showing people my All Grown Up certificate.

My son has finished pre-school and will begin kindergarten in the fall.  He's amped, asks questions constantly, and I'm endlessly fascinated with the things he comes up with.

"Hey daddy, what's your job?"
"Me?  Well, I'm unemployed... I'm a student...  writer.  Heh, I'm a writer, son."
"How much money do you get?"
[jaw clenches tight] "It's fine.  Everything.  Is.  Fine.  People... people will read."
"I don't like books."
"Go to your room."

He is highly imaginative, makes up stories daily, loves to build things and is weirdly preoccupied with symmetry in everything he builds.  Even I'm sort of baffled by that one.  While I love his particular curse of creativity, I do know he's in for a rough time.  Creative kids mature late and don't quite fit the mold as well as they'd like.  Ever.  Ask me.

I wear a watch that doesn't work and a newsy cap to be different.

Things are going well.  My brother-on-law is staying with us, which has been fun, and Mary and I are enjoying Summer as best we can in Oregon's never-Summery weather.

On to the projects:  For those of you new here, Tatterdemalion, somewhat of a psychological thriller with some comedy here and there, and Amphisbaena, my experimental romance novel, (both novels through Cauliay), are still available and some more reviews have turned up, all very positive.  I'm happy about how these books are doing.  Give one a read; I can promise you I spent a lot of time writing them, revising through ten drafts each, working them over in a variety of ways, and getting them published.

A Fine Young Day, my take on a horror novel, is currently in its sixth draft and I've begun sending it around to publishers.  Another novel, Thank You and Good Night, a fictional biography modeled very closely on the life of Rod Serling, is also finished, and is currently in its third draft.  I'll put it through a few more revisions before sending it out, so don't expect this one  anytime soon.  It's a long book, as well, so the revisions take more time.    Differentia Press put out a collection of mine, online, titled Other Cruel Things.  This one isn't fiction, but poetry.  Those of you that know me are well aware that poetry is my mainstay, so this was a nice setup.  I don't have any plans for future chapbooks or collections of poetry at this time, mainly because I prefer to break up all the books of poetry I write and send the poems around to the great mags of the small press.  I've been doing this quite a bit with the Summer.  Submitting to publications I like.  At some point, I'll probably send a collection out to someone, but I have no actual plans for it right now.

I'm starting a new novel in a few weeks.  The idea I have in mind is quite ambitious and will be difficult to put into concept, much less write.  I like ambitious.  I like difficult.  You readers are ambitious and difficult.  I like you, too.

That's all for now.  I'll try to get back here within a month or so.  Until then, read a book, or write one.  Let's hang out.


Linda Randall said...

i was looking up movie book trailers and found your blog.. hello fellow nanowrimo winner for 2009.. i got mine for the calamity girl the promotion.. i posted my novels on to drum up fans for it.. its a free community and you get to know other writers.. they are always giving valuable tips :)

Violetwrites said...

glad to know you're busy Ray and being productive and getting things done is always great.