Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tatterdemalion - News and Update

To all cavorters and general discussants of the book-reading world,

Tatterdemalion has now been officially released (as of June 15th, 2008), and is available in a variety of places, which I've provided links for below. Most bookstores can order it easily through their distributors, and there are numerous places online where it is stocked and available.

In addition to the print release, I'd like to inform anyone interested that an electronic version is also available, and is entirely free. The download of this edition is fully interactive through a specifically designed graphic interface, and contains a large assortment of special features relating to the book and its creation, including a great amount of cover and character art, introductions, history, and more about its author, as well. This edition has also been pirated, and is available through a variety of torrent sites, some of which I'll list below, as well as provide links for the dedicated download locations.

Tatterdemalion has been getting some strong reviews. The following is a list of those that have gone live, as well as any articles, interviews, or features involving the book. I'll update it whenever I learn of new material.

Unlikely Stories 2.0:
Review (Gabriel Ricard): Click Here
Interview: Click Here

Prick of the Spindle:
Review (Erin McKnight): Click Here
Publication: Click Here

Chaotic Dreams: (Note- 'Dawn Griots' at the top of the linked-to page is the name of the set of features, and not a person. 'Dawn' is self-explanatory, and 'griots' is a West African term for 'storyteller'.)
Book Excerpt: Click Here
Interview (AngelaMichelle Smith-Brown): Click Here

Review (Christopher Frost): Click Here
Print Publication: Click Here for ordering information.

Decanto, August 2008 Edition:
Print publication: Click Here for ordering information.

There is also a nice turn of events that has occurred, in that I've been offered to do a U.K. book tour. This would be a great experience and I've certainly signed on to do it. I'll post more about this, and locations/events, as they're slated and things roll along. It's a little ways off. For now, I've got a few events lined up (to be announced shortly) that will be more local.

Back to the book:

Tatterdemalion is now stocked at many bookstores, and can also be ordered through all of these if not already stocked (ordering through your local, independent bookstore is a great thing to do). The following is a short list of other online sources that can be used to order the print edition as well:

Cauliay Publishing
Amazon [Amazon.ca, Amazon.jp, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.fr, Amazon.de]

Download locations for the free e-book and special features edition:

Tatterdemalion - 2008 Reviewer's Edition via Daedalao: http://www.daedalao.com/downloads/Tatterdemalion.zip
Tatterdemalion - 2008 Reviewer's Edition via Fileden:

Here are a few of the torrent sites from which the book can be downloaded (not guaranteed to be seeding when you visit, but it is often available):

Mininova - Link
The Pirate Bay - Link
BitDig - Link

That's all for now. Read a review, scout around, buy a copy...

And hey, enjoy summer.

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