Sunday, September 10, 2006

Undue Process

As both the life of this man, me, and also of my prolix compatriot, Jahul, reach their wondrous pinnacles of online favor, something must go wrong.

Yes, it has. My processor burned out. I've only had my new laptop for two-and-a-half months, but yet, my ill luck with machines has tendriled again into my speeding life, and like the plantation in Gone with the Wind, burned the fuck down. Dell is going to fix it, as it was under warranty, but this leaves me in a distended position, having to use my old laptop (at 64 megs of ram, no joke) to do my daily business. Of course, I can check email and peruse the web, though very, very slowly, I can't chart any submission response I receive, nor can I do anything regarding my current projects, as they are all stuck on a somewhat specific model of hard drive in a machine that is dead, for the time being. So, it's back to the more Shakespearean format of recording your progress in the world: Paper and ink.

This is fine, as I carved my poetic teeth on paper and still do, everything by hand, I just can't revise anything or work with anything already typed or on my new machine. I know, I know... backups. You have to have backups. Backup everything. Yes yes. I have backups. That is no problem. I just don't have a machine that can access the backups. Fun.

Jahul is remiss as well, as he can't post his new feature. It's a trailer. Jahul, I should explain, has been courting a major motion picture studio and a very well known producer as regards his feature length movie, Jahul: Beast of Time. He has struck a deal, I'll tell you. Not only has this movie been greenlit, but they filmed it immediately with name-brand actors. Such is the power of Jahul. Even the simplicity of his generous form persuades the elite of the world to his favor. So the movie has been filmed, and he would very much like to post the trailer. Of course, he is upset as the trailer is on my new laptop, which will shortly be repaired. Jahul must wait. Patience is a virtue, even for beings such as he.

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