Thursday, November 03, 2005

Parenthood (ongoing) Part 8

The boy is walking. It started off mild, he’d be standing up somewhere (his new hobby), and then let go, take a step, fall on his face or other general area, then do it again after about an hour. But, it progressed quickly. After a week, he was doing it every 5 minutes. Then, another week: He takes about 5 steps at a time, at will. Very little falling. Mostly, he takes his steps, then slowly sits down when he’s bored. I haven’t been this excited since I met Amanda, my babysitter when I was eight:
I don’t have any images of Painter walking yet, but I drew one so you’d understand:

That’s painter in the middle, in front of Dog-reaper, and he’s walking toward Werewolf to get away from Tyrannosaurus. Also, there’s a Where’s-Waldo sort of appearance of another scary kid-monster, if you can find it.

In addition, Painter has learned to throw his hands up in the air, and also clap at the slightest request. He has become fascinated by cartoons, finally, and so our days are working out just fine.

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