Sunday, August 28, 2005

Routine Maintenance on Medium Baby

Flap-Lock(tm) feature allows baby to remain open, making maintenance easier.


1. Separate top flaps of baby. Push flaps down, along the sides of baby.
2. Pull baby open. Top of baby will now stay open for easiermaintenance.
3. Turn baby over and close bottom flaps. Seal bottom flaps withtape.
4. Return baby to upright position. When maintenance is finished, slice tabs, close flaps and secure them with tape. Use knife to cut tab after maintainance on baby is complete.
5. Enjoy!

Also available are baby marking kits, storage units, and handy baby folders for filing and retrieval.

Should baby show signs of wear and tear, Flap-Lock(tm) offers 100% buy-back guarantee.

Got a baby? Flap-Lock(tm) it.

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Subbu said...

do u ship overseas?